Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello friends. It's a beautiful summery day today and I am sitting outside and writing out my plan of attack!

My choice of underwear.

Yesterday Nitasha came over to make some moulds of me for a sculpture. This is me as a purple elephant-man on vacation (sans drink).

Yeah! I'm totally terrified and deaf here but I'm braving it just to impress the camera. The worst was when I kind of heard people talk about me in third person like I'm dead or in a coma! Scary.

Aw! This makes me feel better - in retrospect. Because I didn't even know she was touching my head while it was happening!

It turned out pretty good except for this giant bubble by my eyebrow from when Lisa and Aydin came in and made me laugh?

Swooshing the plaster inside to fill in all the details! NEXT UPDATE: rebirth.

The alginate was in my clothes, hair and skin but I kind of liked it. Extra flesh! When I went to take a shower I found out that there was no hot water so I pretty much went to sleep covered in that stuff. Who has time to shower anyway.

And today is the most beautiful day so everyone's working outside!

By "working" I mean eating

And reading! And updating my blog.

Guys, yesterday while painting with Zeesy I had an epiphany about a future project/job. I will elaborate later. But it involves DIY engineering and pirate radio stations and flying machines over the city. OK I won't give it away just yet.

In the meantime, if you're reading my blog and want to hire me for any reasonable purpose, I fully encourage it. I'm looking for a job while waiting for another job to kick in. I'm super friendly and have lots of skills. Inquire within:

In the meantime #2, those of you who have an online subscription to Harper's, I recommend that you go and read this article: American Electra: Feminism's ritual matricide by Susan Faludi. It will give you warm feelings.

See you laterrrrrrr

following a friend's facebook/blog isn't in any way a decent replacement for personal interaction.

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