Saturday, October 30, 2010

Three weeks ago we decided to build a sweat lodge. Jamie and I went out one day and cut down a bunch of poplar sapplings. Killing young trees for the sake of detox!

It only took two hours. Good teamwork.

And the structure looks so beautiful


Proud parents! (We all are)

Jamie and I solved the wood problem by reacquainting ourselves with the chainsaw

Look at all this wood! Only took 10 mins to cut. I love it.

We're doing a sweat right now and then I'm off to the city to help Nader set up his show. Oh by the way, you should come to it, it will probably blow your mind. Here is some info (CLICK).

I keep wanting to write about current events and Rob Ford and his gravy train and the awful portrayal of downtowners in all the newspapers (apparently making less than $12,000 a year and living a transient life secures you a "socialist wine sipping elite" title) and the feelings of doom myself and others have been experiencing (2012 is now?!) but really, REALLY, I am super excited about all the projects we have coming up and need to focus on being happy and productive.

So yeah, happy halloween! bye.

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