Friday, November 26, 2010


Those butterfly wings are from when it suddenly got cold and a bunch of the migrating Monarchs died before they even got off the island.

The crystal was a present from Romy for my 29th birthday. I think she mined it herself in Gravenhurst. It still smells like lavender.

Lisa gave me the big pyrite on the left for my birthday and then I found the smaller one in a box someone gave me in highchool.

This "rock" is no rock at all - it's a weird amalgamation of oil and soil and goo and coal. I found it on the beach, it has rainbow patterns on it like when you see gasoline in puddles.


I got this treasure from Jen and Sonny Castle! They found all the stuff on the island while on a walk. Sorry this is getting repetitive.

The last of the cotton. It was growing under my window!

The other day Geoff and Iris and I filmed a music video at the tree graveyard, it was dusky and beautiful.

Daylight faded fast but it made everything look even better

The only thing that survived this weather is POISON IVY!

Oh BTW this nice looking pile of hay is actually all horse poo. Yup.

Airplanes over the island constantly. I kind of hate the airport.

On lazy days there really isn't much else to do besides going on group excursions.

Our findings. I got a nice magic stick shaped like an organic lightning bolt.

Yup just a bunch of logs. Today it was so windy I almost got swept into the lake by the 10 foot waves while standing on the jetty.

Goofing around while Geoff gets his pylon obsession out of the way!

Can someone please make these two photos into a gif!

These guys had their hair cut by Iris. Iris should be the official Gibraltar point barber!

Look at that pointy point! Good job.

Dan got a haircut while watching Wildwood NJ. Everyone got a haircut besides me?!

Life is pretty good! Byee!

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