Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm turning thirty in one week and I've been too busy to figure out how to celebrate it. Maybe a fire? Maybe I need to start taking calcium now? Hardcore moisturiser?

This is how I spent yesterday: relaxing in a swivel chair

On wednesday we had a small show in Tamara's studio -- music followed by sweat lodge followed by a plunge into the freezing lake. In zero degree weather!

Apparently if you go to a rock show (rock as in minerals not music) you can get beautiful amethysts like this one for $3?! Can we go?!

One of Lisa's tarot decks

This is the card I pulled yesterday: Nine of Pentacles. It symbolizes: "exercising self-control, showing restraint, reining in impulses, sacrificing to reach a goal". How appropriate. The day before I pulled the Death card which means "putting the past behind you, having a parting of the ways, closing one door to open another, bringing something to a close". What's that all about?!? Smoking?

This morning's breakfast: rapini, a hard boiled egg, rye toast and a quarter of a squash stuffed with quinoa, mushrooms, onions and goat cheese. Coffee.
Zeesy Powers' show opens tonight at TPW and you should do yourself a favour and go. She's been working really hard on it and myself and others have been helping in our spare time and it's gonna be great. It's also running tomorrow afternoon if you miss it today. 7pm, 56 Ossington Avenue. See you there!

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Anonymous said...

It was the Nine of Tentacles, which means the opposite.