Monday, November 1, 2010

Last night at Randy's studio (goodbye Randy)
When you live in a house with 20 people and you get used to greeting each other in the hallway and generally being in each other's presence all day, every move out is heartbreaking. I'm happy with my living situation right now because here we always take care of each other and it's harmonious and positive. But this thing, the coming and going of people, getting close to someone while being fully aware that they will eventually leave, is hard to take.

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littlst browNARwhal said...

This breaks my back . . . your e-post straw . . .

I'm a "going", lost in the fields of the West Coast oil haven where there's no community of goose-feather pickers, mask-makers, sweat-lodge builders, runners, punners, bakers, music-makers . . .

You're home. It hurts so much to go, but it hurts so much to be left behind and I have been both, and I have wondered where I'd rather be . . . left or leaving

I wonder if you know that most of us who go
spend our time knowing we were home there
and so we work on how we'll make our way back.