Monday, November 8, 2010

Statcounter told me that someone from the government of Quebec googled me and went to my website a couple of days ago. I wish I knew why.

Our ride back to Toronto this morning was weird and hilarious. The woman driver was super stressy and spent the entire time on her cell phone talking about break ups and funerals while kind of watching the road. She stopped twice to check her email at a truckstop computer! Jamie was in a state of hibernation on my shoulder for six hours while I sat and watched black crows peck at roadkill by the side of the highway. My ipod pretty much saved me.

I feel like someone punched me in the stomach. I don't understand. It could be PMS. At least that means it will go away soon. All feelings eventually pass, including the very bad ones. Positive mental attitude!

Back on the island it felt like a spring day and the water was turquoise and calm with hundreds of black birds floating on it together in the distance. I went for a walk in the forest as soon as I got in and I still can't believe I get to live in a place like this. Friends, let's work on stuff. Your presence is needed.


Anonymous said...

I can help you understand

Xenia said...

could be someone that works in a government office, no? I feel weird too. Maybe this is a weird time?

benivulka said...

Anonymous, your name?

X! It is a weird time. I heard people complain! It's not just us.