Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Triangular Theory of Love by Robert Sternberg. But is it really that simple?! Go to the wikipedia page, it comes complete with a checklist.

I worked for twelve hours but instead of tired I feel really motivated. The other day I was told that I should enjoy the occasional depression because it's important to experience the entire spectrum of feelings. At the time I thought "bullshit, who needs it!" but now I kind of agree that it would be harder to appreciate awesome days like today had I not been so down yesterday.

Riding my bike home late at night is much less scary now that it's cold! Can you imagine any rapists or killers hiding in the island bushes in this weather? Lurking in the shadows on their tippy toes all frozen, waiting for me to pass by on my bike, chloroform/ boners/ sharp knives/ etc at hand? Yeah right! Now I just put on a favourite record and leisurely cycle to the other side of the island even when it's dark enough that I can't see the road.

Montreal was so nice to visit, I missed my family and friends and the house so much. I got sad in the end but it was worth it.

Here's a good song my sister sent me, you should listen, and good night!

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