Monday, December 27, 2010


First camping trip ever (Bon Echo).

It was very dark but whiskey gave us the courage to go on

My 24 year old face at the house on Ossington

Left=the TV, right=Jacob Sheen and Wolfgang, not sure where 2005

Isla Craig on the phone at our house on Ossington with the awesome tiles

Laura Barrett and ? at some house show, 2005? I remember it well because some of us had to pee off the neighbour's rooftop (it was an emergency)

I'm pretty sure at this point I just barged into a random room and took a picture.

Left=Neil Haverty, right=James Anderson, some man, Misha Bower, Neil

Zoe Barcza+Robin Fry at Poor Pilgrim. This is my favourite photo of Zoe

I moved to Montreal and there was a mean dog downstairs

On Halloween instead of wearing a costume I went to the mountain and took cheesy pictures with a willing friend. It's night time, BTW, and the trees are moving.

Fall somewhere in the Laurentians my face is white like chalk

Amy Lam next to a body we carefully wrapped and shipped to Toronto

Just chilling by a rock at UofT


This is my friend Michael who isn't talking to me anymore for some mysterious dumb reason

In Montreal sometimes I'd go to Dare-Dare and leave body parts in the tall grass under the overpass for dog-walkers to find


I turned 27 and bought a sparkly black dress. On the right Noel is trying to blend in with the couch as usual

Louis Calabro reads poetry from a tall and dangerous structure of course

Group activities with fake boobies

Then I built forts on Mont Royal with Sarah Pupo

These days I'm thinking about friends and health and bodies and the FUTURE and lots and lots about Neil Haverty. If you know Neil you probably know why. BTW, it's his birthday on December 29th. Wink.



kat said...

this post makes me feel warm!

isla.m.craig|at| said...

love you julia. thanks for the memories! xo