Thursday, December 16, 2010

My mom and dad in their early twenties.
My parents had me when they were young--my mom was twenty two and my dad twenty one. Shortly after they got together my father took a job as a sailor and spent long stretches of time at sea. That's a picture of him on the ship up there ^^^. It was in 1980s Russia and my mother had to send a telegram informing him of my impending birth - which took place a month earlier than expected. I was a pretty ugly baby according to my grandmother. My father told me all kinds of horror stories about being on a ship with a bunch of dudes who developed serious alcohol problems out of boredom or "cabin fever". Apparently when they ran out of liquor some men soaked rags in rubbing alcohol and draped them over their freshly shaved heads. I'm assuming it worked. That story always stuck with me because it made the nature of something I romanticized (working on a ship) seem so frightening and desperate.

Anyway, this past week some pals and I got snowed in at a cabin two hours west of Toronto. It was only for a few days and is obviously nothing compared to six months at sea! At first we were all like: "A forced vacation, YAY! Let's never go back!" We watched Uncle Buck and Home Alone and ate chips and dark chocolate like kids. We packed our bags three times to drive home and had to return twice. The roads were so bad that even the plows couldn't get onto them. On the last day people got quiet and withdrawn and maybe even a little bit angry. I went to bed early. This is totally over dramatized but cabin fever is real!! It gave me serious anxiety, like being on an airplane or like when we were trapped in that police kettle in the summer. I don't know how my dad managed to spend that many months on a ship and emerge unharmed but I'm not surprised at his shipmates' escape techniques anymore. Because feeling trapped like that could make anyone lose their mind! Don't forget: prisons are the worst torture devices.

Speaking of prisons, please support this amazing project: [CLICK] . They're doing a holiday mailout soon - it's sliding scale ($6-$10) and you get nice hand-made/numbered cards in return.

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