Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How do you feel when you know you're being lied to? Do you confront the person right away or do you pretend with them? I hate it. I know everyone does it all the time but I still have a physical reaction to lies. I get dizzy and my heart sinks and then my throat gets dry and I can't talk. I won't talk.

People lie because they're afraid, because it's the adult thing to do and it makes life easier. I lie and like everyone else I think I'm good at it. It's probably untrue.
Enough garbage. Some pictures.

Isla and Kat at 796 Ossington. I hear the people we passed the house to are leaving. End of an era! Should I move back in there? I bet I can't afford it anymore. FYI - when we moved in our rent was $365 each which is unheard of for Toronto.

Neil Haverty at 587 Bathurst. It was a hat and a hood day - it probably means parents are coming over. One time Neil's parents came to visit while Matt and I watched Haneke's Piano Teacher projected huge onto the wall. They walked in during one of the worst scenes. They still love us! (I hope)

My dad and Xenia in the car. We are driving her to the airport because she is moving to Italy. Fuck I love my sister so much! Look at her face, she's totally thinking "See you later guys I'm having fun already" and my dad's like "NO PICTURES, YOU!" My dad has a ponytail BTW, he's had it for YEARS

This is where the ponytail started. That's my dad and his best friend Igor in Moscow, probably mid 1980s.

I'm still posing. What's that we need to take out the garbage? Can't you see I'm doing something super important wait, DON'T COME IN!

Wolfgang playing a touching song on the piano. I mean organ!

Wolf didn't know me and didn't really trust me first but I totally won him over! I even remember the day it happened but I won't write about it because it is a dark/strange memory for us all (New year's day 2006, lip-syncing to Beck and jumping on someone's bed were involved, if you forget what I mean). There was lots of snow.

Louis Calabro reading some inappropriate poems

Matt Cully embarrassed because he just read something really evil? Matt and Lou once performed at some poetry night in Buffalo and pretty much got into a fistfight with the audience. I heard there was a lot of yelling.

Harbord house: Matt C., Misha, Matt Dunn and Wolf. The empty chair is me. A friend of mine recently asked "Why are all the houses in Toronto named after the streets they're on?" Really, why? I couldn't answer.

Time for a long run, byee!

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Anonymous said...

the harbord house photo got inverted somehow? it looks cool but weird.

thanks for sharing these yuula! always fun to look through the past.