Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am a never-ending source of photographs.

BOOM! GOTHFACE! I know I should probably be embarrassed but fuck you I'm not. 16 yrs old 1997

Look at Xenia hiding inside her rain jacket! My bowl-cut, my dad's proud stance, my brother's little face and the mushrooms the three of us are holding in our hands to show off. This is the Hanita forest, the one several hundred feet across from what is now called the "Blue Line "(border with Lebanon), 1990.

This is my favourite one. I think I'm "pretending" to be a "nerd". 1995.

My sister and I look super awkward while my brother's too busy entertaining our neighbour to even know he's being photographed. This is the beach we've been coming to for like 10 years at least once a week since we were children. It's called Achziv or al-Zib (Arabic) . Al-Zib was a Palestinian Arab village of about 2000 people pre-1948. Around that time it was attacked, depopulated and completely destroyed by the Haganah and now it's a paid tourist site/park. Some history for you.

Achziv/ al-Zib. The yellow ruins are architecture that remained standing after 1948. When we were kids we were told that those were Roman ruins. But then we moved to Canada and I did a little research on the internet/at the library and found out all kinds of stuff, you should try it too, look into stuff that isn't in your school textbooks.

This is where we used to swim. Cleanest water ever!

This is our street. Every once in a while boys would release donkeys to roam the roads and sometimes they would ride them around. The white structure with the blue door is a bomb shelter. Every house was required to have one and every block would have at least two. Public bomb shelters were usually adorned with colourful murals to make war a bit more friendly for kids. This one used to have a mural of flowers and sunshine but they painted it over. As a kid I used to play on top of bomb shelters with my friends all the time.

Sometimes we'd be watching TV and this message would come on! Wait let me translate.
"Residents of Nahariya, Shelomi, Maalot (and a few other names): due to a warning of an incoming missile attack you are asked to enter the bomb shelters and remain inside until further notice. The bomb shelters are currently being opened." We lived by the Lebanese border and this message came on a couple of times a week until 1996. FYI, unless you're a new mother or a super paranoid old person you probably didn't care about the message. No one ever went down to the shelter and most of the missiles fell onto fields and roads.

My painting studio in the kibbutz. The wall in the very distance was almost all mine. I was seventeen and took myself very seriously of course. So I painted mural sized abstract depictions of my teenage angst using construction paper and industrial oil paint. My sister and I went to art schools as children/teenagers which was both amazing (took care of our fragile personalities!!!!) and bad (drugs, alcohol, sex, heartbreak, etc..).


An impromptu road trip with some pals and my bf at the time (pictured). This was 1999 and my bf was in the air force and I fucking hated it.

In highchool they'd take us on trips to the desert every year. The desert is a pretty terrifying place at night.

On the right is my favourite Literature teacher, Yair. He used to pick us up hitchhiking when I was 17 and give us some of his smokes. He smoked Camels and had a shitty little car but we thought he was pretty cool. The gun leaning against the rock beside him is real. All the teachers escorting us in the desert carried guns. The guy on the left was the school's male slut (sorry Sagi! But it's true.) Pretty much everyone I know dated him but he was kind of subtle about it so you could never tell.

Rosh ha-Nikra. My brother and sister jumped off those cliffs just around the bend, because they're mental. 30 foot drop into the Mediterranean. Sharp rocks at the bottom.

Best friend at his dad's farm. Eran and I were best friends but then I fell in love with him. I don't think many people knew this at the time or even now? We were finishing high school and he was about to leave for three months and I was totally heartbroken. Have you even been in love with a friend? It's the worst!

Aw pal! I think he is the tallest man I know! I didn't tell him how much I was in love with him until I quietly got over it. We did become better friends. I ended up dating his best friend for three or four years.

I HAVE MANY MORE but also, I have a meeting.


Xenia said...

hahah "we are getting bombed, please don't have a bonfire right now. thx." NP Channel 2!

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Yeah I guess the message came on during Lag Ba Omer?!?! Is that why ?