Sunday, January 23, 2011

I hate updating in a rush buuuuuuuut
I had the funnest day! I spent it making a mosaic!!! For this building.

This is the plan! The building is Ward's Island Association.

Look at the beautiful pebbles. Now Lisa and I know how to build a mosaic. Would you like us to build you one?

Today we were making these squares. It looks simple but one square like that takes 6 hours!

It's tedious work and you have to be very meticulous but if you love tetris like I do for example you'd probably enjoy it! (I hate puzzles though, no wiggle room)

I'm contemplating the rocks seriously!! No I'm just confused. BTW - all the rocks we used came from the island beaches. One woman who swims pretty much all year round collects them on her way home.

Sorry I'm too focused to pay attention to anything.

There were about 10 island women working on it today! We listened to CCR and Tom Petty and I drank like 6 coffees and asked everyone a million annoying questions

Lisa and I are thinking of a secret Gibraltar symbol to mosaic into our garden this summer. I know what she's thinking of, I've seen her paintings. I counted 14 vaginas hidden in one! For real.

I will post a picture when it's all done but now I have to go to the city for the first time in a week because I HAVE A DATE (with destiny) OK I really have had too much coffee

here's a song for you


marla said...

siiiiiiigh. I love your life.

benivulka said...

I can't wait for you to get here. August, right?

magda o said...

re:marla's comment