Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last night David and I both admitted that we've been feeling melancholy for days despite our chipper faces. Then he showed me a video that describes exactly how I feel. This video is my new favourite thing. Please watch, it's beautiful and is only two minutes long.

I spent all morning today scanning negatives like a machine whilst listening to the Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Lame! Right? No.

I don't feel these feelings often so excuse me while I revel in them. Highschool Lover and Todd Rundgren? Yes please.

Anyway hi. This was Montreal and Zeesy and I offered torture for money at la Centrale. We barely broke even. Not everyone is a masochist.

We even had an ear chart marked with the desirable spots for our Aggressive Reflexology treatment (mother issues and guilt were the most popular).

Jim kept coming back for more. I must have tasered him four or five times.

By the way if you don't know what I'm talking about please refer to this link.

Oh hey. Sometimes if I hang out in the kitchen I turn around and Nader's already there, he's been sitting there for half an hour in fact, on someone's computer! Sneaky.

Summer with pals=what I miss the most. Summer is my natural habitat.

BTW I fell off this dock in the dark once, with my drink still in my hand. It was late at night and I was trying to show a constellation to Victoria and walked into a black hole. It was May and quite cold.

OK this may not be too bad. I learned skating again on the island lagoons.

Uh oh.

Jerkface! Taylor is playing a solo show tonight for the first time in a couple of years (?) at the Music Gallery for C is for Cure fundraiser. See you there!

The fundraiser is for our dear friend Neil who was diagnosed with leukemia a month ago. He is home now and recovering. Did you know that unless you're hospitalized, OHIP does not cover your cancer treatment medication anymore? I didn't, until now. That is why poor people who can't afford to pay $95 a pill may not stay alive unless they get help.


Every time I feel sad today I think of what's happening in Egypt and my future and everyone's hard work and it makes me feel much much better. I am working on two shows, a video, a performance and a book. Spring is just around the corner and Mubarak can go to hell. Everything will be alright!

I hope to see you at Dundas Square today. Goodbye.

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