Monday, January 10, 2011

The other night we had a women-only sweat in the sweat lodge on the island and it was pretty glorious. (OK fine, Jamie Shannon was there too). It got so steamy inside it was hard to breathe. I'm a wimp when it comes to heat. After sweating for a while I dove into the snow and rolled around in it and it felt like rolling over sharp nails but in a good way. I'm addicted. The lake was frozen but I went for it. Then today I read this awful, awful account of a sweat lodge gone wrong in Arizona a year ago! People weren't allowed to leave and literally cooked to death. Oh jeez. What a nightmare.

Anyway, alright. So I haven't had a smoke in almost two months and no alcohol in ten days. I'm practically a saint! Detox! Side effects: every couple of hours I get SUPER MAD but then forget about it. At least I can think much clearer.

Six years ago I lived with Isla on Ossington and had long black hair. Interesting fact about hair that I didn't know before - it falls out if you have a copper imbalance. Keep that in mind if you're planning to get a copper IUD. Oh let's not talk about me posing in front of the mirror please. I was single for the first time in years and wanted to impress myself.

My little brother circa 2005. Sometimes when we hang out I feel like the kid sister because he exudes maturity and seriousness while I crack jokes every two seconds but it's cool. It's reciprocal - we both enjoy the roles, I think. He likes math and for my birthday he gave me a book about economics! And Twin Peaks. The best of both worlds.

At the farm with Noel and Sarah. Noel told us about his grandfather who used to live there on his own. The farm is located in Cormac Ontario. When Noel's grandpa died of a heart attack he happened to fall face down onto the furnace and the person who found his body said half of his face was burned off. I don't know if the story is true, he may have been just trying to scare us.

We put this white tarp over the barn and Noel projected film loops/slides onto it.

I don't have a clear memory of this moment, too psychedelic (but in the distance the church bells rang in unison with the ice cream truck).

I know Sarah Richardson through Noel. After Noel and I "broke up" in 2002 he dated like two dozen girls in two years and then he met Sarah. She was a bit shy but secretly amazing once you got to know her. We both went to OCAD and had a special weakness for savory snacks. What I mean by that is that we could both eat non stop, always. Then she moved back to the States and broke everyone's hearts! Here you should watch this video please

Welcome to Toronto Sound Poetry and/or Effects Troupe! 2006, Left to right: Katie Stelmanis, Yuula B., Alex Napier, Isla Craig, Jon McCurley (?), Misha Bower, Zeesy Powers, Matt Cully, Louis Calabro, Amy Lam. (I just remember making lots of LIGHTNING/THUNDER sounds, hence the flying arms?)

In the elevator with Isla Craig. This is just before we moved in together. Isla and I moved to a three bedroom house with no back yard on Ossington/Bloor and there was nothing in the neighbourhood! Only garages and dusty convenience stores and that shady 24hr bakery that makes delicious grilled cheese sandwiches on Westmoreland. Some friends wouldn't visit because it was "too far". Now everyone lives there and it's way too expensive.

Hands down one of the worst hangovers I've ever experienced! When I started dating Matt Cully we both entered a state of perpetual hangover (we like/d to drink for hours and argue about religion/movies/Lil Wayne) . 2005 was the unhealthiest and the best year. Except Xenia moved to Italy, waaaah. Oh yeah, if you look deep into my eyes in this one you can sense the brain damage. This is why I'm in detox today! Aw.

I gave Matt a camera for his birthday and we started going out at night to take pictures/video of stuff outside.

Sometimes it involved a little bit of trespassing as we'd find ourselves on random unsecured rooftops.

One time we found Davida on one of the rooftops??! I don't remember how it happened really. That night we packed a jar of red wine and walked for three hours and my feet got wet but I had too much fun to notice.

I'm super nervous because I took a picture of some jocks in a lineup on College Street and they saw me do it.

"Thank god for cigarettes!"

As soon as we climbed the first roof all Toronto rooftops became fair game. This is the Scotiabank across from Sneaky Dees (and our foot steps in the park behind it?). Once up there we found a weird opening in the roof, looked inside and discovered that there was a secret after-hours in the garage behind the bank. There were people in nice clothes dancing to Salsa music?!

I processed and printed our rolls of film at the OCAD darkroom, for free.

TO BE CONTINUED (I have to go to bed):

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