Monday, January 3, 2011


Just because I change my mind often doesn't mean I don't know what I want, OK?
In an ideal universe, this is what I'd try to change:

21 yrs old, I'm looking at the first polaroid I've ever taken while it develops (see how my mind is blown? I have zero patience, no joke)

This was it. This year I promise to take more pictures even when they "don't mean anything". And to slow down my brain a bit.

2002. Remember the shitty Q Bar on Queen and Bathurst? I used to get pizza from Pizza Pizza across the street and go sit for a beer there with Zac between classes at OCAD (at the time we were completely oblivious to the fact that pretty much everyone was there to sell coke/crack). No more spending time in bars for no good reason.

I will keep my studio clean, always. Sarah and I at Noel's 2004 (but I think they still lived together then).

And if you visit me you better clean up after yourself because this year I'm also no longer into babysitting! Sorry. (photo unrelated)

I will make work my highest priority?!?! (photo: Xenia reading our textbook during a performance with Jon McCurley and ????who else??? at OCAD 2002)

I think Jon is taking his pants off here

I won't befriend vampires or people who only want to be around me because they are too scared or lazy to muster the energy to be happy on their own. (photo: we're quitting smoking with lysergic acid 2002)

I will not work any shitty, going to nowhere jobs ever again (or try my hardest not to) (photo 2004, Phil Weasel at the pornpit of 577 Yonge Street)

I will make an effort to spend more time with pals

Especially ones I haven't seen in years even though we still live in the same city

Oldest pals!!

I will try to be honest with friends who upset me instead of being passive aggressive/holding grudges forever.

I will respect people's privacy

Or do my best to

I won't be afraid of going on way more adventures

I will listen to more music, try to organize my time better, won't smoke cigarettes, won't succumb to peer pressure, self destructive urges, sickness, poutine, money, depression or other people's idea of living.


That's my wishlist now send me yours
Happy new 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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