Monday, January 31, 2011

Robert Wiens, Untitled (Hands) (1992). Now at Susan Hobbs (link)

Geoffrey Pugen, Sahara Sahara, 2 channel HD video, 2009. Opens Feb 04 at MOCCA (link)

Davida Nemeroff, California, 2011. Opens Feb 05 at TPW (link)


Bobby Jean is secretly my favourite Springsteen song even though I always say it's Tougher Than The Rest. It’s my fave because the last three lines of that song are heartbreaking and honest in a way that is very familiar and I appreciate that. It’s perfect.

The other night at the bar Romy and I bitched about how people in Toronto are afraid to be sexy. You’re either a completely asexual being frequenting sparsely attended shows at Tranzac’s front room or an over the top slut 80% undressed grinding against a stranger at some dance party. There is no happy medium and even when you’re a slut you “perform” a slut rather than be one. What’s a slut anyway? Someone who’s comfortable with their body? I like having a body and I’m quite comfortable with it most of the time, even proud of it! Our bodies are awesome and beautiful why be so ashamed?

Here are my current bedtime books

This one's for entertainment (link)

This one's for pleasure (link)

This one's gonna take a while (link)



Anonymous said...

Wenh wenh!

sara said...

you're so right, yuula. it's pretty alienating to be a girl comfortable with her sexuality and then have most of your crushes be the asexual types frequenting the tranzac. i always felt like such a freak. your bedside reading.


Xenia said...

You gotta be kidding cause I know sooo many sexy people in Toronto, But I guess I never go to the tranzac...

benivulka said...

Yeah there are lots of sexy people in Toronto but this was written about a particular crowd.

isla.m.craig|at| said...

there's a hella lotta sexy folk in this city, especially in the tranzac front room! anyways, sexy is partly what you wear, but it's so much more than that. people that put on sexy outfits aren't necessarily sexy.

benivulka said...

Nah it's not about the clothes at all, it's the attitude!