Friday, January 7, 2011

This guy blows my mind every time. If you don't know him yet--ladies and gentlemen: Jeff Garcia!

On a different note - I just watched something on vimeo and I have to say - I'm sick of seeing fake Ryan McGinley / Ryan Trecartin photos / videos all over the place.
Every once in a while I go back and read random entries from my old online journals, most of which are (thankfully) almost fully offline now. When I first discovered blogs around 1999-2000 I wasn't at all aware of the rules of blogging etiquette. I have just moved to Canada with my family and was feeling very upset. Remember I literally spilled my heart out to whatever five readers were on my friends list. Boring, teenage-angsty, awful stuff, stuff that you should write only to yourself or your therapist. Reading it now makes me feel embarrassed. When I read my old entries the point in which I became aware of an audience becomes very clear. In the past ten years or so most of us have been methodically constructing internet personas that are acceptable or even desirable to others. I realize this is all very obvious to everyone but have you ever considered how your internet persona affects the everyday You? There is a pressure and desire to be articulate at all times (at least for me) because I'm usually allowed to edit myself to no end in this universe where I make letters and words happen on the screen. Internet communication (or rather - written communication) is so witty and synthesized and to the point that my every day conversations pale in comparison just like the early days of my LiveJournal. This is especially frustrating when for whatever reason I try to impress someone and just feel plain silly like a mumbling child. What to do?

Anyway I'm going for lunch.


Veba said...

There is no forgiveness anymore. Internet stores/remembers everything we write out here and it can be pulled out at any moment... Ultimately, every comment is unnecessary, just like this one is, yet every once in a while I have an inexplicable urge to say/write/post something...


Oh darling Yuula,
How I was caught off guard when I came to your blog (as I often do) to find a photo of me. So flattered, these mangos are blush red. Thank you. I visited you down the street in the Roadside window on the hill here at Davenport. Gorgeous install! I saw a kid stop and point it out to his mom!

Stay warm, I'll see you soon.


ps. you continue to inspire me daily.