Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is the card I pulled today: The Moon. On the full moon night! It's not a very good card, not at this point. Last night I dreamt that I was taking care of two dogs: one was strong and low maintenance and the other a bit older and sleepier. My older dog had silver hair and when I found him he was dying. I had to take care of him but he got younger and healthier pretty quickly the more time we spent together.

Animals have no qualms about asking for affection. It feels so nice when they do.

We're going to resurrect Jon McCurley's (and Darren O'Donnell's) weekly meetings - on the island. The point is to meet for an hour on Monday and discuss your projects with friends and strangers for one hour. Everyone gets a few minutes, depending on the amount of participants. It will be so good, I need it.

We've also started group physical activities. It gets very quiet and lonely on this part of the island and jeez I totally forgot how nice it is to move your body when it's during leisure time and not for the sake of weight loss/maintenance or any other silly bodily "chore".

AAAAND before I go to bed, here are some songs that I've been listening to tonight. They are all kind of cheesy Phil Collins and some of them are love songs but it's OKAY GUYSSS FULL MOON WOOOooooo FEELINGS don't you love feelings? OK good night now.

PS the final video is of our island exercise routines! I mean we were all performing for the camera though usually we're way more serious about it! Really.

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Xenia said...

Haaaa! Yeah Good Job I like it!
I wanna go to the island and jump around with yous one day I think its my favorite activity!