Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BAD NEWS: not to sound dramatic but two summers ago I had a horrific vision while standing on the beach with Sarah Pupo. We lived on the island and that night that we couldn't tell where the lake ended and sky began because everything around us looked like a black and windy hole. I imagined how it would be terrifying to witness bird suicide, like if birds just dove into the water and didn't emerge or smashed their little skulls into the pavement. I was going to make it into an animation but it seemed too morbid at the time. And now it's really happening.

GOOD NEWS: Colleen and I started training for a marathon last night. Then I came home and we watched this documentary about Fred Lebow and the New York City Marathon and now I'm totally going to do it. Did you know that Fred Lebow completed 69 marathons in his lifetime? He ran one of them when he was 60 years old with brain cancer?! I'm going to train for a half (20km) marathon in May and a full (40km) marathon in October. No turning back! Bye.

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