Saturday, January 22, 2011

We've completely renovated our kitchen at Gibraltar. I got to use a blow torch (briefly) and learned to lay down tiles. Everyone worked on it! The other day Taylor told me that I live in a freak commune and I had to agree (sorry guys!). But it's the best life. How will I ever live in the city again knowing that this exists?
Our windows are so clean now even the light in the room changed completely. Winter-sunny days are special because it reminds you of the possibility of warmth! I seriously am ready for the thaw.

This is me I turned into a disco ball in our kitchen. No I'm just standing by the window waiting for you.

My sister's house was robbed. She came home today to everything in their apartment turned upside down, drawers ripped open and broken plant pots and open doors. They broke in through the window. I'm so angry. What kind of piece of shit steals from someone like us? From someone who obviously doesn't own much worth taking. At least they weren't home when it happened. I love my sister so much if anyone ever hurts her I'll rip their eyes out I swear.

I'm painting in my studio tonight and tomorrow, large black oil paintings. It helps me RELAX. Just kidding, painting makes you crazy! But while doing it you can work out some things in your head. I'm planning a performance around something Xenia wrote a few months ago. It was about an ugly dynamic created between friends or within a community of women, because we are often under the impression that there is a finite number of "spots" at "the top" for us and instead of being supportive we scowl at each other's success. It's also in response to an article that I posted here in the summer by Susan Faludi, titled "American Electra: Feminism's ritual matricide". You can look up the article yourself. The performance is called "Room at the Top" and will be quite violent, which makes me nervous.

I keep meaning to post more love songs cause that's all I've been listening to but am too lazy to look them up on youtube. Maybe later. Bye!

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marla said...

People who steal are horrible. How do you get that low and not stop and think - is this the person I want to be?