Saturday, February 5, 2011

I got this book of poems by Erica Jong. I'm not really into her so much... I think to enjoy poetry I need it to be a little bit pathetic and humorous, not so heavy and monumental. But anyway I got the book because there was this one poem that I liked. Is it worth buying the entire book for that reason? The poem I liked is not the one in the picture. I'll post it later.

Luis Jacob, They Sleep With One Eye Open, 2008.

Luis' paintings at MOCCA totally made my night last night. You should go see them. (link)

But I don't think I'd want to be alone with this in a room, sorry.

My favourite thing in the show was this sculpture by Murray Favro titled Sunlight on Table and Floor. It's basically this little wooden scene of a table by the window with sunlight shining in, except the light is fake. It's painted on.

Here, see? I love it. There's a good write up on it at the MOCCA website (link)

I hate being at an opening like that with five hundred people. For many reasons. I guess that's why the bar is there.

Zeesy's birthday last night was the best. We had delicious red wine and fancy whiskey and gave each other supers and listened to high-school music. Anyway some of us don't remember going to bed.


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