Friday, February 25, 2011

Black swans, they're real and I touched one.

The first "serious" video I ever made was in first year at OCAD, for Martha Ladly's class. Remember Martha and the Muffins?!?! Well, Martha was my teacher. I think Tomas Del Balso was in that class too. Anyway, I was twenty one and the video was about Dexedrine and not sleeping for days and being paranoid. It was autobiographical. The entire thing was set to "Escape From Noise" by Negativland and shot on VHS (the only camera I knew how to use then) . At the time I stayed at this insanely fancy apartment building at Harbourfront with M. and A. (of course) so I ended up filming their very wealthy neighbours through the windows at night: having dinner, watching TV, grooming their poodles, using the elliptical trainer. And all the while Mark Hosler's screaming in the background about Christianity, the Playboy Channel and car bombs. I wish I still had it, to watch and laugh and maybe show you guys.

Instead I uploaded the entire record to my ftp for you. Go listen to it right now, do it >>> (LINK)<<< !!! BYE!

"Sonic Oulaws":

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