Sunday, February 6, 2011

Davida's show opened at TPW this Saturday, go see it! It's up until March 5th. My favourite part of the show was this video titled Jacuzzi Time which is what everyone's lining up to see up there ^^ There's a good essay about it over here (link)

Sonny Castle appreciates art too even though he's just a little guy.

Precious blur face! This is the moment before he dumped the contents of his cup into the ice/beer bucket.

I had breakfast at Amy and Seth's this morning and look at all those bottles Seth dug out of the ground?!

By that I mean literally excavated. I'm so jealous. Some of those are over 150 years old.

This one contained Soothing Syrup for kids. Which means opiates in a bottle to get children to fall asleep quickly. Yikes.

This baby bottle has three pentagrams engraved in the middle

He also found a bunch of giant handmade nails. It doesn't look so big in his hand but

Look at it in my hand it's the size of a mushroom?!?

He also showed me a bunch of marbles that he found that are one hundred years old and made of actual marble. Oh man. I want to go dig up some stuff so badly.

And this?! The yellow stuff is WORM MEDICINE for PEOPLE and it's trapped in the bottle.

Anyway I'm back home now and in my studio. Let's pull today's card! Do you like how the worm medicine, my hat and the shelf behind me are the same colour?

THE MAGICIAN. It's about taking action, doing what needs to be done, understanding your intentions, focusing on one goal, applying the force of your will (link) = good card.

I've received lots and lots of requests from my shitty astrology book so I'm going to scan them and post them tomorrow. Now tea and drawing to relaxxxxx.

Good byeeee

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