Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am obsessed with this video. I watched it eighty times now. I find it very romantic. Make sure the volume's up if you watch it.

Some of my stuff is in OLD quarterly

They are beautiful hand made books, only 50 made but maybe you can still get a copy here (link) ?

PLEASE COPY US FOREVER by Life of a Craphead
part of the Rhubarb Festival

Yonge and Dundas square is the place (unresearched) for people to promote themselves in public in Toronto. New to that intersection is a 'scramble crossing' where all cars stop and pedestrians can cross all ways for 30 seconds. Please Copy us Forever is a performance where 30+ scripted characters sell crap and advertise their skills to the crowd in the middle of the scramble during crazy 30 second bursts. We want other people to copy us and create a hilarious role playing culture of pretending to sell things on the street.

Performances on
Saturday Feb 19, 4-5pm
Saturday Feb 26, 4-5pm
at Yonge and Dundas intersection, Toronto

With Gwen Bienara, Felix Kalmenson, Mark Connery, Adriana Disman, Adam Cowan, Charlie Murray, Xan Hawes, Simon Schlesinger, Mark Rainey, Chandler Levack, Claudia Wittman, Matt Smith, Glenn Macauley, Daniel Vila, Zoe Gordini, Filip Anton, Jeremy Tracz, Zeesy Powers, Vanessa Rieger, Jamie Shannon, Jesjit Gill, Sari Lightman, Romy Lightman, Matt King, Seth Scriver, Christian Scriver, Nazarah Scriver, Patricia Scriver, Tower of Randy, Alex Mackenzie, Steph Davidson, Yuula Benivolski, & MC CUP.

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