Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Watch this video
Where I live. The breakwater is completely frozen on the north side. It looks like melted candles or Freddy Krueger's face only completely white and translucent.
Sometimes when waves slam against the rocks they push air through holes between them and it sounds like the exhale of a large walrus or a volcano.
Winter island is magic in a lonely way but I'm glad I got to experience it.
At home
David has nice things, today I inspected them through the crack in the wall.
I dread the Moon card so I quickly drew it to get comfortable with it. This one has a brown haired dog and a grey haired dog - a coyote. They were both in my dream once. Coyotes are tricksters. Lisa is afraid of them but I don't find them so bad. On the left is Miles' shirt that I can't wear.
Birthday present on the right
From Luisa.
Future me.
Things always move around here.
Being harassed by an anonymous jerk is weird and creepy do you really want to be a weird creep? F you.
To the rest of you, (you don't have to watch it but) please listen to this again. Goodbye.

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marla said...

wow wow wow I am always amazed by snow as it doesn't snow here except in like two snowfields and no-one goes there except to ski its so lame. plus they are far away from anything.