Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm screening this film (link) tomorrow at Double Double Land with Laura McCoy. You should go. 9pm, free. DDL is located at 209 Augusta, down the alley, first door on your right.

"Lizzie Borden's radical Feminist feature took 2 years to make and was shot on 16mm with no budget. The setting is the future: New York City, 10 years after the Social Democratic War of Liberation. With sexual oppression the norm, women in this post-revolutionary world still face the same old problems of how to create a social structure that is responsive to their needs and goals. Beautifully made, courageously edited, and swift-moving, this challenging, provocative film is a work that is both humanist and revolutionary. "


Knowing someone closely for six years really pays off when you need to figure stuff out about yourself. Hah ha, how selfish, yes I mean MYself. Sometimes I wish we could record our conversations because I want to refer to them later on. Trust is important because it makes it easier to ask questions like "What are you afraid of the most?" or "How can you know for sure if something's really worth it?". I can also say stuff like "I suck at life" and "I'm terrified of being mediocre" and it's okay because I'll probably just get a hug and hard to digest yet sound advice. And then suddenly everything's alright again! Today we walked to the edge of the island where the nude beach ends and the airport begins. We went because I was hoping to find some animal carcasses to bring home but all we saw were icebergs and driftwood and airplanes taking off. I probably wasn't looking hard enough because two hours later Susan came in with a giant fish carcass in her arms. Susan Coolen lives here now (link). Talk about kindred spirits.

Yesterday the winds were high and the ferry slammed into the dock so hard that it had to be taken out of service completely. Our guests were stuck here! Taking the ferry in the winter already feels like an adventure, wind or no wind, because it thrashes violently against the ice while passing through the little broken path. I spent Valentine's day with some of my favourite people, champagne, farm animals, lesbian pizza bakers, endless food and wine, Teenage Head and Leonard Cohen on the record player. It feels crazy here sometimes, like we're an enormous family or a cult. Insular. No I'm not going to be mediocre. No way.

The days are getting longer!!!! It will be 10C this week. Spring makes me even bouncier than usual. I just want to ride my bike without having to wear two pairs of gloves!!!! Now I'm listening to a tape, drawing, feeling happy in a nice quiet way. Bye!

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