Sunday, February 13, 2011


Rogers Robin Hood w/megaphone

It goes like this: "My internet bill's too big I can't afford that!!!!!!"

Big Rogers Bill: "ARRRRRGHHHH!"

Rogers Robin Hood: "I'll take care of that for you!"

Person: "Yaaaay Rogers Robin Hood you give me cheap internet!"

The flyer

Buy $1 pizza from the Fuck You All charity
"Soy Milk's a scam!!!"

"Soy Milk's a scam!!!! 2"
I guess it makes men "sensitive".

Big Loud Man !!

Selling condos in the evilest building to date - 100 stories high. I thought they had bird poop on their faces but no it's some Lord of the Rings make-up ?!?

"Please scan our shirts with you iphone to read about the benefits of Colonoscopy!"

Superman + Lois Lane stopping traffic to make a phone call

SM+ LL stopping traffic to eat a Subway sandwich
"Fuck all y'all" (- 2pac, Bill Callahan)

"I love cock"

A rapping Starbucks cup (MC CUP) music video in the middle of the street!

The little white cloud is foam. Cute!

Selling furniture? Feng Shui? ?? On the street.

Uh oh.

Uh oh !!

In conclusion: my friends are the best. See you later.

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