Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My studio is looking totally different these days and I already miss my new roommate! Where is she? Guatemala? Barbados?! I leave for five days and now everything in life is upside down.

Came home to AMAZING presents from Susan, so nice. This was a seagull.

And this little guy. Do you recognize what kind of bird it is?

Perfection. How do I preserve it without cutting into it? Nader?!

Someone was really hungry - most of the head is missing.

Yesterday I found my IDF exemption certificate. I'm a draft dodger (I lied to get Profile 21) and proud of it.

This is how I got it: I called a meeting with the Kaban (military psychiatrist) and told him I had violent thoughts. I described the thoughts to him. He wrote a letter for me on the spot. I would have said anything to get out but really, it didn't take much. If you really want it, you too can avoid the army. Wink.

Someone's working on a costume for Sunday.

That piece in the middle still has fur on it. It's a paw.

I think bones are the most beautiful things. Funny because I can't stand seeing (or hearing about) blood.

This is my favourite piece.

White horse hair! If you come to our show on Sunday (link) you will see what it's for.

Hanging out on couches with David and Vanessa, sunny day, coffee, what else do I need?

Our kitchen is so bright and airy now with perfect light, even the orchid started blooming again!

Lips are stained with blueberries, not wine.

I've been working like a machine but today I only worked half a day. OK that is a lie because I'm working more after dinner. WhatEVER it's good for me.

Watch these videos David made, they're really awesome! BYE!

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