Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HELLO FRIENDS. Here are some pictures from Sunday. If you missed it I'm sorry to say it will never happen again! We destroyed our alter egos while Leah sang "Let's Kill Oursleves Together" on the beach and it was pretty epic, there were so many people, I cried and smiled. Then later everyone left and we sat on the front porch with Ian and Barb and it kind of felt like spring, I didn't even wear a jacket. How nice! Also Lisa and I are no longer married, I'm a free woman, wink. All photos are by Kevin Marchand.

Lisa's all white and I'm all black like a shadow and going to Canadian Tire to buy a gallon of kerosene was fun.
I just saw that Fifth Estate episode about the G20 and watching Bill Blair lie feels like a joke, he's a joke. A dumb, laughable joke. It was also disappointing that so many people interviewed were basically saying how they were passerbys and not protesters, as if there's something wrong with protesting. Why belittle yourself?

OK bye!

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