Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cards today: not great but looking up.
PAST-THREE OF CUPS: Bursting with energy, celebrating, friendship, community, working together, overflowing with high spirits
CURRENT-NINE OF WANDS: Defensiveness, feeling guarded, defending yourself, taking extra precautions, keeping your resolve
FUTURE-EIGHT OF PENTACLES: Diligence, learning a new skill, approaching a task methodically, being absorbed in a project, working hard, producing steady results
Anyone know anything about Murray Favro? He is a Canadian sculptor from London, Ontario. I saw some pictures of his work at Christopher Cutts' website but can't really find much more information online.

I'm going to borrow "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" from Sarah and read it over the following week. I didn't bring any books with me here and it feels too quiet without them.

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