Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My first name spelled in my first language.

After a month of waiting for a friend to do it I eventually cut my own hair. It was easy! This is my method: I cut it until it feels safe and then I go a bit overboard, to feel a difference. Otherwise the next day I forget I forget that I cut it at all.

This is sort of personal but last night in my dream I was living on the island and I had a 5 year old kid. It was a boy. He was rambunctious, we hung out together in the water and he scared all the big fish away while I was fishing. We were packing up my studio to move to Montreal and I sat him in my lap and put his shoes on and he said to me "Mommy, now that I can speak in full sentences do you think it's time for me to get my own passport?"

I am saying YES to so many projects to complete in the next few months but what other option do I have? I want to do it all.

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sweet girl