Sunday, April 3, 2011

On Wednesday I'm moving to Montreal for two months to work on a video and some illustrations. I didn't write about it until now because I haven't told that many people in real life. I found a beautiful sublet in Mile End. It's this woman's house (link), she is a filmmaker who made a really great documentary about Delia Derbyshire (link) two years ago. She's been incredibly sweet despite all my schedule changes and it's seems like such a nice little house. On Thursday I packed up my entire studio and put everything in storage so someone else could move in while I'm gone. It was a bit sad, I even cried. For someone who moves as frequently as I do, I have a lot of books. See you in June, Toronto friends.


magda o said...

oh wow!!! i love kara blake's work and her delia derbyshire doc is one of the best things in the world....!!


laura said...

I want to see the doc! also, yuula, jon and I are likely coming to montreal in a few weeks for a few days to see a show and hang. we will stay with audrey, but I will let you know when we come if you want to meet up for food and chats. xo