Monday, April 25, 2011

This is what happened last night - the best I've had in years.

M. came to visit me on the island. It was dusk and dark blue light through the trees and I had to pack my suitcase but he made me an omelette and insisted that I eat it right there. Before I could take a bite the omelette started singing the Cure to me, this song. It kept singing while I was eating it, M. was laughing, I was laughing too.

I am reading two books right now, one is by Roberto Bolano, who I was very suspicious of for a long time. It's because two summers ago everyone was reading The Savage Detectives and wouldn't shut up about it and I always feel wary of popular books/music. Last night I read the final interview Bolano gave (to Playboy?!) and this stuck out: "I have hope in children. In children and warriors. In children who fuck like children and warriors who fight like brave men."

The other book I'm reading is Pet Sematary. It's a kids book, right? My brother and sister and I used to own Pet Sematary on VHS, it was the 1990s. We watched it dozens of times until it stopped being scary. It became an obsession...I'm sure our friends thought it was weird at the time but the three of us were so into it that they never openly judged us. I want to say that I'm reading Stephen King books for research purposes but that would probably be a lie. I just want to read the damn thing.

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