Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My little silicone toes. I want to get rid of all the body parts that I produced a while back because there is no way I'm ever going to show any of that again. It's done!

The other day Pat said that Geoff never makes extra editions of prints even though he can probably sell them. I like that. I think that everything you show should be new, I have a mind to destroy all of my old work but I know that in a few years I'll probably regret it just like I regretted throwing out all those letters last year. So I'll keep it, in secret. Except the body parts, I want them gone.

They've been stolen and returned twice, I did some serious detective work to find them, wrote three very angry public letters, and then some less angry private ones, remember how NOW magazine urged one of the thieves to return the stolen foot on Halloween?! And the public shaming on Stillepost of the guy who stole one of my heads at EMN ???! I found him through facebook pictures, thanks facebook. I couldn't believe I actually found them and got them back. Anyway, it's so done.

Oh Lorazepam you work your charms quicker than I remembered. Good night.


Xenia said...

You should auction them

Anonymous said...

i'd buy one of your parts!

yuula said...

Who's the anonymous? Gnoll??