Saturday, May 7, 2011

Uuh I'm pretty sure I've seen Katie and Maya do the same thing they do at 2:20 in real life once a few summers ago on a drive to Sackville New Brunswick (sorry guys)! I remember it well because I was mortified: Janna was driving 150 through a thunderstorm and we spent so many hours on the road, in the dark, and there was generally lots of joke (and serious) fighting and screaming in the car, good and bad. Have you even gone on a road trip with 5 women? It's intense! But also the best ever. I read The Sun Also Rises cover to cover and played lots of Tetris. When we reached Quebec City at almost 2am it was cold and wet and everyone was hungry, we paid for one hotel room and then snuck into it all together and I fell into a comatose sleep on the floor in my sleeping bag.

Really I just wanted an excuse to say that I've known Katie for many years and she's probably one of the only people I know who figured out early what they want from life and then they did it. And look at her now?! Holy shit. It's incredible and rare, and as someone who frequently flip flops through my decisions I think I respect that more than anything.

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