Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whenever I feel down I usually only need to remind myself that I'm surrounded by such loving, talented friends and it instantly gets a bit less lonely and scary. But today it's been tough to convince myself. The sky's been crying for days in Montreal with greys and blues all over the place and I'm terrible at asking for help even when I'm really really sad. Sad and disappointed. On days like this I hate living alone.

I've been looking at Anna Atkins' cyanotype photograms and listening to James Klassen all evening. It's 10pm and I'm drinking coffee. Who needs to sleep anyway. Here let me show you, listen to this too

Anna Atkins invented the cyanotype photographic process in 1842.

She was a botanist and the first woman photographer.

She was also the first person ever to release a photographic book.

What I've been listening to all day (link): (and good night to you, friends)

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