Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Andrew Zukerman + Jacob Horwood = Gastric Female Reflex, five years ago, Montreal. Remember when everyone in Toronto was reeeeeeaaaaalllly into noise music? Look at Jacob's curly hair and glasses! Both of them still look the same (except later on Jacob really got into working out?!). I met Andrew in an Alternative Processes Photo class at OCAD, we were learning how to use the sandblaster and it was early in the morning and I had accidentally stabbed myself in the fleshy part of the arm with a brand new X-acto knife (sharp!). After fainting a bunch of times (onto people and in the hallway) I finally agreed to go to the hospital to get stitched up. He offered to come with me but I thought "What a weirdo who is this guy!!!" I thought he was trying to get out of class! But now I know better. Jacob used to date Zeesy and work at Queen Video and give me really awful movie recommendations, like stuff that gives you a panic attack within the first fifteen minutes. I'd be like: "I want something funny" and he'd give me a movie about a bunch of people starving during WWII.

If you have a chance to see Megan (U.S. Girls) play do it now! One oh my favourite things I've seen lately. She's also really into Tunnel of Love by Bruce Springsteen and I think she covers Two Faces sometimes live.

It's so hot on the island I'm melting.

Last night I went to lie down on the beach during a late night phone conversation (there is no reception anywhere in the building) and at least three fire-ants (probably more) were brave enough to munch on my skin. It was too dark to see so by the time I noticed it was too late. FROWN. Is there nothing that repels them?! If you know please share the information! There will be a prize.


k said...

apparently cinnamon;



yuu said...

who is K ???

yuu said...

Oh, Kevin! Hi!