Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fire by the Eastern Gap let's go

What happens in my bedroom late at night

Matt practices his moves

Island geese I was going to kill one last winter but I don't know how to cook it. Do you?

Walking the swamps of Charleston Lake with Matt Cully.

What the water looks like when I stand on a tall rock

Nif D (Matt Smith) and Rob Gordon

OCAD in the courtyard having a sandwich looking at the sky

Gastric Female Reflex. Andrew Zukerman looks like John Travolta, I realized the other day (the dimple).

The mirror is crooked but I like it better this way

Magical spot magical stump

magical creatures running around

Eric Chenaux and his double (left)

Zeesy Powers getting intimate with nature

I'm getting intimate with nature but this time in a real forest

Angry dog, Waverly and Bernard

The Laurentians after a good meal skipping over puddles with an umbrella

Why stop camping? Let's forage.

Windy day sisters

Who needs LSD when it rains

Watching the river. Look, at least I'm wearing sandals.



love that photo of matt practicing his moves. that GFR photo is a trippp down Memorex lane.

Anonymous said...

All pictures? I thought you were going to write something!