Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm flying down my list of tasks. That's what happens when I wake up at 7am. So much motivation!!!

The only two records I've been listening to to in the past two weeks are One Hundred Dollars and Jen Castle. Jen and I will work on an installation/performance here on the island in August. It will be loosely based on /influenced by the work of our favourite female performance artist/sculptor. Super excited.

Our house is slowly filling up with the best people, I feel very lucky.

Is passive-aggressive behaviour a North American invention or what? It's exhausting to be so polite all the time. Would people judge me that hard if I just said what I meant? Also, do I really care? A week or so ago during dinner a friend of mine said "I don't have time for manners, if you have manners people just spit on you more." It's sooooo true. Maybe they wouldn't spit on you but they'd certainly take advantage of it. Look at me I'm engaging in passive aggressive behaviour right now!

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magda o said...


i'm pretty shitty / i don't know how to be passive aggressive / if i get upset with something/someone no matter what i let it out

i just don't have that social barrier, although i wish i did sometimes

i must say, i notice this is a theme in a lot of your posts... get those people out of your life yuula!