Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Two nights ago Morley and I went to the tree graveyard to find nice looking wood for a sculpture. The tree graveyard is basically a beautiful secret dump on the island for all things organic and park-life related.

Like these giant rocks where did they come from?! Who knows. Everything that suddenly disappears on the island shows up here, big piles of it.

The other day I found a giant mound of freshly cut flowers so I borrowed a cart and dragged them back home. My studio smelled incredible! Until I woke up one morning and found out that our cat CJ peed all over my flowers. Jerk.

It got dark and scary very fast.

The kind of picture you take in the movies before something comes out of the darkness and mauls you.

Look at these psychedelic bee hives! The bees were just hanging out on the bottom of each hive. I was afraid to come near. Remember MacCaulay Culkin in 'My Girl'??!? No thanks.

Nature is so parasitic and scary sometimes. These are the roots of a freshly cut tree and there are already plants wrapping themselves around it, suffocating it.

Anyway forget the dump, this is getting boring.

Yesterday I read a great article about how people were born to run. In the old old ancient days before efficient killing tools were invented people used to single out large animals and chase them around until the animal got exhausted and fell over. Imagine if you had to do it now?! I'd do it. That kind of hunting must have required serious endurance. So anyone who says that jogging long distances is unnatural and is screwing up our bodies is full of shit. The difference is, barefoot running is a lot more gentle on the body than running while wearing a cushioned running shoe. We're basically pounding our bodies into the pavement because we can, now, because it feels soft.

Andrew Zukerman just moved to the island. Last night during the lightning storm everyone went out to watch it by the beach, including him, with no shoes on. I couldn't handle it and ran back inside screaming "I don't want to die yet!!" The sky was wild and I felt too fragile to let it last. Then we drank bourbon and watched "High Fidelity" for the twentieth time. I think that break up movies are my favourite movies, like break up songs they are somehow the most comforting. I can watch them a million times. Andrew agreed. Go listen to this song (CLICKKKK), I've listened to it on repeat all day. I'm going to shoot underwater videos right now!!!! Have a good day, friends.

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Manuel took me just before I left. I miss u :(