Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today I ran 11k through a storm and waves splashed over the stone wall and into my face. Running is my favourite part of the day. I ran on the wet boardwalk and listened to a radio show about ADHD and focus and meditation and then they got to this part in the middle where they gave a synopsis of the show and I got lost in thoughts (way to go guys, I'm obviously listening to a show about ADHD for a reason) and switched to this record (CLICK) which is the only record I want to listen to this week. Download it on that website, it's free, I like it so much.

I'm tan all over and my skin is peeling and it feels nice. Like shedding a layer. Tanning+physical activity=happy life, like a child or something. Even this rainy day reminds me of being a kid: with my brother and sister on the couch, home from school, watching Pet Sematary and sneaking cigarette drags while my mom's out walking the dog. It's what I always think about when it rains for the first time in weeks. Alright friends, good night.

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