Tuesday, August 9, 2011


That painting is my favourite because it's a picture of how I feel all the time or at least how I always want to feel. The photograph of me on the log, on top, is eight by ten feet, it's my interpretation of Caspar Friedrich's Wanderer. I printed it on the Chromira at the Concordia colour darkroom late at night after struggling with the machine for over a month. It's in three long panels. Today I started a big project because long term projects are more fulfilling and I need to feel that kind of fulfillment now. It will be done next spring. B&W photographs, B&W video and one B&W sculpture. For now it's in my notebook.

Today I worked and listened to the radio - stories about London and Tel Aviv all day long and I know everyone everywhere so it all feels so close. I read about suicide tourism in Zurich and that guy in Sweden who built a nuclear reactor in his kitchen out of dismantled smoke detectors just to satisfy his curiosity. My hero! I also found a purple book on my shelf, it's one that Matt gave me as a present five years ago: "Mad Love" by Andre Breton. I opened it and on the first page was a little inscription and it reminded me the circumstances under which I had received the book. I'm going to read it before bed.
Good night.

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