Saturday, August 6, 2011

The other day I jumped off the boat while it was still moving fast (I was trying to dock it and didn't realize how fast we were moving) and my dress got caught on something and I flew head first into a concrete dock. It was so goddamn frightening and I was afraid to talk and couldn't feel my jaw for a while. We tried to call the paramedics on the island to see if I can come by for a quick check up, instead they sent a fire truck and an ambulance with a crew of eight people over to our house at midnight. Luckily I caught them mid way on my bike and explained that it's silly and apologized profusely (I think I was still in shock and embarrassed) and the nicest most comforting fireman ever examined me and reassured me that I won't die in my sleep. Regardless he slipped Jamie and Kathleen a note with the direct phone line to the firehall and told Jamie to wake me up every two hours. So neither of us really slept that night. Now I just have some headaches still and want to nap all the time but I feel okay. The worst part is when I imagine what could have happened if I had fallen face first, if my cheeks didn't break the fall or any of the horrific things you can think of. I'm already a hypochondriac so you can imagine what those visions do to me. I was so scared.

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