Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's a giant dream catcher hiding between two trees on the island. We found it while taking a walk two days ago.
I was twenty seven and confused about the future and we decided to take a short road trip while everyone took their afternoon nap. It was damp and cold out but I insisted to go anyway. I could smell the ocean way before I could see it, the smell made me crazy with nostalgia because it's the smell of my childhood, because nothing makes me feel more at home than large bodies of water. When we moved to Toronto I couldn't orient myself properly in the city until I finally saw lake Ontario in person. It made all those other obstacles fade away. I don't know how people who have lived by large bodies of water their entire lives ever decide to move inland and forget. Water is a form of escape for me because it represents a potential somewhere on the other shore. Eventually when everything goes to shit it all becomes about crossing over.


Have you got something that ghosts don't know
Have you got something hidden down
Below the rocks that got their start
Tossed out from god's own rocky heart

Of everywhere I've ever been
And everything I've ever seen
A secret is just a secret thing
And each thing's a little part of me

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