Thursday, September 22, 2011

I started taking pictures for a new project that I'm working on, it will be my last one on the island. If you're around and up for it I'd like to take one of you too. It doesn't have to include nudity. Though it would be nice if you're okay with it.

The other day I came to meet my sister at her work place and she played a piano piece by Beethoven for me, one that she learned in two weeks. She works at a piano restoration place. I've never seen my sister play a musical instrument before and it was the most beautiful experience, I felt like someone was massaging my brain softly (I'm serious!), I wanted her to keep playing forever but we both had meetings. I instantly remembered being taken to piano lessons by our mother probably over twenty years ago, and how I ditched the idea almost immediately, but she didn't.

That same day during dinner with friends we got into a small argument about the use of technology in art or music and I realized that the reason I'm suspicious of certain technologies is because I don't fully understand them. When I was a kid my painting teacher said I was not allowed to delve into abstract painting before I was able to paint the world as it is, because I need to understand what it looks like before I start taking it apart. I think that statement is true for everything I encounter, unless I understand the basics of a practice I don't feel like I can fully participate in it. I like to learn everything from scratch. Don't you? The strange thing is, once you start studying in depth things that are not based in form and colour theories (like thought and science) it can drive you absolutely nuts. My friend Zeesy is taking a Biology class at Ryerson this semester, one I had taken a few years prior, and I'm curious to see how it affects her. Once I finally understood the system in which my physical body exists I went home feeling terrified. (CLICK) It made me understand life even less. That is why in the winter we're going to take the second part of that course together even though sometimes knowing less is better for the psyche. But I want to know everything.

In the meantime a "wild" teenage boy shows up at the Berlin city hall and claims that he had lived in the forest with his dad in the past five years. Have you heard about that? How does one survive in the wild for that long? I don't think I could ever enter the forest alone once the sun goes down. I can't even turn my back to the ocean late at night while swimming with friends.

Michel Houellebecq is he still missing. I check the news every day, for real. At least his new book is finally translated to English, I'm saving it for when I'm ready to get depressed.

This is my boring report. Contact me if you want to be photographed. Bye!

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