Friday, September 30, 2011

There's a great new Radiolab episode about human-machine interaction that links computer programming to introspection and breaks down human behaviour into these minuscule but logical subroutines in a way that is so hilarious! Our brains are magic! Please listen, here: CLICK My fave part comes at 7:00min.

I'm reading a book about adultery in the early 1900s. Those are my favourite books to read because it makes me happy to know that even though we're in the "Future" nothing really changed when it comes to human relationships.

The positive thing is: if people burned down Wall Street today it would be impossible to tell who started the fire because there would be so many of them.

When our cat finishes cleaning himself he likes to clean me too. Today he licked my bangs until they were slicked all the way back. I had to use a towel to dry my hair

CJ and I

Two faced cat named Frank and Louie from Massachusetts

Agnes Varda


Nick and Sheila Pye

This week's been so much about two-facedness that it's seeping out of my subconscious now in the form of pictures.



Anonymous said...

I read this last week and it made me think of you

"You want to know why things are "different" with your scorpio?
Why he/she is "pulling" away and "disappearing"?
What the hell happened when everything "used to be" wonderful?
Why we've become "mean" and "insensitive"?
Why we have become so "cold" and "heartless"?

I'll tell you why.

We are not secretive. Not really. You just have to pay very close attention.

If we are attracted to you, we will be subtle...almost shy, until you show an interest.

At the moment you show an interest we will lay all the cards on the table. You get a clean slate. We don't care about your past, reputation, status, income, looks....nothing. If the mutual attraction is there, we will act on it.

At that very moment in time, we would move mountains for you.

At that very moment, most don't have a clue. They are on their best behavior, like everyone in a new blooming relationship. Their true colors are yet to be determined.

If you blink, you will miss this.


Because the moment we expose ourselves to you we will sit back and observe everything about you.

Your mannerisms, your words, your actions....everything.

If we think you are not trustworthy for any reason. Any reason at by one....each card will quietly be removed from the table.

If you are not honest, if you do not share, if you try to hide for fear of being hurt, if you don't do the same courtesy we've extended to you.....

Eventually all cards will be put back in the deck.

Once that point has been crossed. Your better off cutting your losses and moving on. There are no "do overs" and there is no rewind button. We may be polite and courteous, but at the end of the day we are just looking for an amicable way out.

It only gets ugly when you don't get the hint."

benivulka said...

harsh! who is this?!