Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Working on a new video and photographs. The stills are bad quality but it looks beautiful in real life, fluid and translucent with layers of limbs and seaweed brushing against each other to sleepy music. I've been wanting to paint seaweed in watercolour, small and delicate, like that Japanese artist (whose name I forget) who carved tiny plants out of wood and placed them in the cracks of the gallery walls. Do you remember the name? Tell me. BTW Artur Zmijewski's show opens at MOCCA on the 9th someone please come with me I'll buy you a drink.


I've decided to embrace fall instead of fighting it. I spend most of my days rushing from place to place without ever letting myself breathe and when I don't rush I start losing my mind. It's time for a stress break. I took the mariner back to the island this morning and sat on a bench at the edge of the big pier by myself for a while listening to Castlemusic and smoking. It was the nicest because no one was around. I had sex on that same pier one summer long before I lived here, it was dark and we didn't realize there were tourists on the west side of the pier, possibly watching and probably embarrassed. We saw two of them pass us by later on and they looked through us like we were ghosts. Two summers ago we dove off the pier for the first and last time late at night, we did it because wine made us feel "brave" enough not to consider for a moment how dangerous it really was, and even though I got bruised all over from hitting the water it felt amazing! Now I take this place for granted.

It's real fall here today, windy and the water's pretty wild. There is something so calming about that kind of force. It makes me feel quiet and able to focus. This morning it also made me want to throw my phone and computer in the water. But then I remembered the sad truth (my life depends on them).

I heard that George Kuchar died last night, funny that wikipedia only caught on an hour ago. When Amy Winehouse died I bet they updated her file before some of her family members were notified. The first time I was introduced to Kuchar was at OCAD ten years ago with a hilarious short film titled "Hold Me While I'm Naked". You should watch too, it's will put you in a good mood (CLICK).

Also, listen to these songs by Jen Castle from two years ago, listen to them alone in a place where no one can bug you, like when you're in a bathtub with the door locked or when you ride your bike.

Thank you and goodbye.


mbh said...

Our feelings are on par. The light right now is perfect, let's go be quiet together, as though we're each others ghosts.

Bean said...

Miss you