Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 is less than a week away! For 2012 there will be no more bangs. It's about time.

A couple of weeks ago we went to see Melancholia and it made me cry. It's a LVT film about the apocalypse as told through the eyes of a severely depressed woman and her immediate family. The ending was so epic and emotional that neither of us could say anything until a few minutes into the credits. It made me feel ill. I'm not going to spoil it for you but you should go see it while you can, it's very effective. I had scary apocalyptic dreams that night. I also really want to see the new Cronenberg soon will someone come with me? It's about the relationship between Freud and Jung.

I try to ride my bike around town whenever I can and it makes me feel so happy to live in this city. I find Toronto simultaneously sketchy and beautiful. A while ago a friend told me why he found Montreal attractive when he first moved there (because it was small and "quaint") and it is exactly the reason why I love to visit but probably can never move there permanently. Toronto is the first Canadian city I've lived in, it's grey and dirty and busy and I love it. 

One year when I was a kid my siblings and I got into Degrassi. Mostly because our town didn't have "real" cable yet and it was the only show that addressed young adults on the one public TV channel we had access to. Our town had no cable, but there was a man who for a small one time fee would come to your house and physically adjust your antenna to receive the signal he transmitted from his own house (Swintak interjects: "Real community cable!"). He would transmit all kinds of loosely organized garbage: mostly action films during the day, cartoons on the weekends, and porn after midnight. He also used to play The Wall a lot, which the three of us have seen more than 20 times and have some parts memorized (it was better than watching the news on the other channel).

Anyway, back to Degrassi. It wasn't as cool as Fresh Prince or 90210 but there was something about it that I almost fetishized as a kid: the bleakness, the bad haircuts, denim-everything, politeness, repression and cheesiness. It was my first introduction to Canadian culture and that first impression stuck to this day. I feel it when I ride my bike around town, it makes me smile like an idiot.

OK, enough about that.

I'm wondering if someone can come over and give me some gardening tips. I'm having trouble with keeping my plants happy.

I've been listening to Sonic Youth exclusively all day. I think it'll make for good winter music. If you want to make some recommendations for your favourite winter music please do.



Xenia said...

Yo that's so funny yesterday mark and I were talking about how in ready or not they go to the lake view diner a lot and how I then visited the lake view diner as a child in Israel and now it's a part of my life. Weird?
Don' t water your pants too much and make sure they're in the light. You can get plant food anywhere and it helps a LOT.

benivulka said...

xuuuuuuuush can you come over sometime i'll make you coffee i need your plant advice IRL ! also, i'm going to rewatch ready or not i completely forgot it was set in toronto too. what kind of plant food?

Xenia said...

You can buy any kinda plant food at khans or something! They dig it, pun intended??? Ok also plants loooooove kelp, get some kelp and make tea then when it's cool pour it on the plant it makes them lose it.byou can buy kelp in bins in Chinatowns it sits like two pennies and a button! Are you going to Agyu today? bus leaves at six.

benivulka said...

holy shit i'm writing it all down. also, work 5-11, no performance bus for me. you going? take kado with you! he's full of snot though.