Tuesday, December 20, 2011


- A black teenage boy with cornrows wearing a grey track suit and a backpack on the verge of tears into his cellphone, around 8am "But mom it's really hard not to screw up!"

- A woman to the man with her - both just stepped out of the St. Stephen's Community Centre in Kensington market - while looking at a stack of huge cardboard boxes outside of Bikes on Wheels "Holy Mackerel! We could live in that!!"

- A man who came out of a shitty College St. nightclub and then cut me off in his car, almost ran me over, then stopped and rolled down his window "You cunt you stupid fucking whore I could have killed you! It would have been my fault!"

- A passenger in a passing cab last night, to me, while I was biking home from work "Move over you loser!"

That is the kind of stuff I miss when I wear my headphones, which is most of the time. But not last night. I gave the finger to that guy in the cab and when he was finally out of my sight I stopped by the side of the road and cried a bit. I often remember the things that people say more than their actions. I especially remember their tone of voice because it's like reading between the lines, it allows you to hear human traits and emotions even if they try to hide it - like guilt, negativity or cowardice - it's all there. My favourite stuff to overhear is caring, determination and confidence. Decisiveness? It's affirming. When we moved away from the USSR I memorized the sound of my best friend's voice calling out to her dog because I knew that the memory of her voice will remain long after her face disappears. Weird. Anyway, the reason I prefer to listen to music on my is bike because then I don't have to listen to drunk jerks in passing cars.

Today I read about a Rwandan prison that received an award for sustainable energy because it reduced its fuel costs by seventy five percent when they converted human (the prisoners') feces into methane gas that can be used for cooking. It's a pretty great idea, of course the reason for that kind of creative thinking is because Rwandan prisons are overcrowded with political prisoners .

Do you have a darkroom I could use? I need a sealed room to load the film and a tank that could hold a bunch of 35mm and 120mm reels or anything you got, really. I have over twenty rolls to go through. Will mix/bring my own chemicals.

Winter sucks and I'm going through some shit. I'm not talking about it but that's just because I hate talking about problems. Friends, you make me happy and I want your company. Please everyone come tomorrow to Don Miller's talk at the White House (CLICK) it's winter solstice and it would be so good to see all of you. Good night, here's a song.

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marla said...

i love overheards, sometimes at night, sometimes so small and powerful.