Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Look at these paintings by Gerald Ferguson

The best things in life are those that you don't like right away. You might even hate them a little bit. But it's only because they mean something and years later you will find out their meaning and you will love it. And you wouldn't even need to learn to love it because it will be so familiar, because it's been there with you all along disguised as something unappealing. That's how I feel about abstract painting: in the past I found it to be at once too restrained and too physical, both of which repelled me. Now I really enjoy that physicality, it took me about 28 years of living to actually fully absorb it.

I'm still reading Pushkin's biography and it's still very entertaining. Pushkin was a womanizer but he didn't like to admit it so he tried to make even his shortest relationships seem pretty and meaningful. I don't really respect that because I think it's insincere but it makes for a good reading. I know some people like that. Also yesterday I learned that Chagall was in love with his wife to the point of obsession. Somehow knowing intimate details about one's life makes it easier to appreciate them. It's like suddenly Pushkin is my pal, I know all about his affairs and such. I guess that's why people read US Weekly. Anyway, someone please lend me your AGO pass so I can go see the Chagall exhibit. Making people pay $30 to look at some paintings is fucking ridiculous. Here's a portrait of Chagall painted by his first art teacher, what a handsome man!

On new year's eve I saw a jumper in one of the office buildings at the corner of Bay and College. He broke the window of his fifteenth floor office with a chisel and hammer (I read that later in the paper) and kept throwing pieces of glass onto pedestrians coming in and out of the building while swinging in and out of the window. I was surprised to see how many people lingered to see if he was going to jump. I don't think I would feel OK for a while after witnessing something like that.

I'm going to spend the weekend on the island processing film and working on a new video. If you're around maybe come have a coffee with me. I want to leave you with this song I stole from my beautiful sister. Bye!

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